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Redefining Cakes with Entrepreneur Shetall Gupta

Shetall Gupta: I had never imagined myself as an entrepreneur, as I grew up in a very conventional background.

It was because of the pandemic that I began to unveil my talents. What started as a simple experiment turned out to be a career changer for me. This was the phase where I began taking my skills and passion professionally.

I had learned the art of rolling sushi back in 2015 and rolled uncountable sushi rolls then. Initially, it was only for friends and family during the pandemic as sushi was not easily available due to lockdown.

It first started with easy and simple ingredients, and with everyone’s reviews and amazing feedback, I was pushed to take my Sushi menu to another level, chalking out some interesting combinations and flavors.

The biggest challenge was to enter a market, where Sushi was readily available but offering it in a different form to the customers, something they haven’t tried before. Next was all about getting authentic ingredients as the taste for this Asian delicacy cannot be compromised and had to keep up with the sushi rolls available in the market.

My first achievement was on mother’s day having 20 odd Sushi cake orders in a single day. Initially, it was tough but with sheer determination, we managed to complete the order way before time. That achievement on Mother’s Day made it a more special experience for me.

The second achievement came the same month when a client wanted to order sushi cakes for her husband’s 60th birthday. What started as 20 cakes went on to a final order of 50 cakes. This time we worked on 50 in 2 days and dispatched it. That was the biggest order to date, but guess we had more in store. Next, we did 50 Sushi cups for the Rotary Club of Mumbai Central for members traveling to Goa. I guess 50 seemed to be our lucky achievement number this year.

All through this journey of excitement and hard work, the best things I’d say to the entrepreneurs out there that believe in themselves and their dreams. It’s never too late to start on yours.

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