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Ravi Thakur, supporting small businesses through rise of shoping.

Ravi Thakur: “As a child, I never thought of becoming an entrepreneur. After completing my schooling in Sitamarhi, I went to Patna to study for JEE exam. On the first attempt, I could not clear the exam. I finally cleared my exam on the second attempt. In 2013 I started my engineering education at JPIET Merrut.

In the 4th year of my engineering, I got an idea to start my E-commerce organization so that people doing local businesses can earn easily in their regions and don’t have to move out to bigger cities for work. But this idea failed miserably.

I didn’t want to settle for a 9-5 job and regret each day in my life. All the people around me started to lose confidence in me and stepped back. My best friends commented that this is unachievable and told me to settle down for a 9-5 job.

After continuous sleepless nights, I succeeded in building up my e-commerce based startup, RISE to Shopping. RISE to Shopping helps local vendors to sell their products at reasonable costs so that customers can get quality products at low prices. My organization’s vision is to create awareness and go Vocal for Local.

During this journey, I have faced many challenges. In 2020, my financial condition worsened, and our startup was losing track. But with continuous efforts and support from my loved ones, I was able to put my business back on track.

You can reach us here:

I have been awarded the Asia Tycoon Entrepreneurship and Young Entrepreneur of India award 2021. I am known as trailblazer Ravi on Google. I am an infopreneur.

I believe you learn more from failure than success. Don’t let it stop you because failure only builds character. My complete dedication and will of not giving up made me the Youngest Entrepreneur of India and even after being one, I am still working on my platform harder and harder every day so that people realize the value of Vocal for Local and all small businesses.”

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