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Rajita Sapte | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine June 2022

“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.” A quote by Peter Drucker has been corroborated on the nose by our invincible colleen, Ms Rajita Sapte. A self-made entrepreneur, after getting to grips with challenges for almost 14 years, is running a production house today called "SWAMI PRODUCTION." Her parents didn't empower her to pursue a master's degree in mass media, which made her begin investigating media marketing and obtain an MBA in marketing. Until her last MNC position required shots, she toiled for a media production company for her MBA final placement. Because of her proficiency in corporate shooting and having had her up-to-snuff money held out for 2-3 years, she endowed a production firm. Studying cinematography, videography, editing, and photography, proved to be her eminent substitutes for her journey.

she strives to lead Swami productions which specialise in film and corporate video production offering a full range of services, including concept development, storyboarding photography, and post-production.

Living in the digital age when the video business is expanding, there is an abundance of influential people like bloggers and video content producers.

The movies and films of influencers are also helping big businesses reach their target audiences which makes her unique from all other businesses. Our lady in the house is a budding entrepreneur and yearns to reach extraordinary levels.

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