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Rahul Sharma | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine March 2023

Rahul suffered the paradox of choice in his adolescent years like others. Deciding on photography was a calculated risk because he knew it checked all boxes of creativity, exploration, self-reflection, communication, travel and interaction. He signed himself up for a photography course in New York. Since then, the indecisive teenager has travelled a long way. From shooting in 50+ countries to working with companies like Disney and Forbes, he certainly made his younger self proud. For the politer people working in the business industry, Sharma tells to be bold and say no when required. You cannot always fulfil social obligations and maintain your desire at the same time, so very often it is wiser to do the latter. He asks people to expect no less than they are and never sell themselves short. If one fails to understand his worth, the world will continue to take advantage of him. It is never wrong to make note of constructive criticism but one must have the sense to understand when it is no longer constructive, only discouraging.

As a budding photographer, not many resources were available at the beginning of the journey. Contrary to popular belief, photography is not as simple as it looks. One is required to renew their range of accessories such as tripod, lenses, lights, memory cards etc.. He would have to set timelines for himself and save up for fresh and new technology to stay on par with the world of the camera. Even with the increase in input of the AI in all fields, photography is one they fail to capture. One needs to convey a message or tell a story through a picture and robots are good for anything but that, when it comes to working with your own mind or being creative. This is the reason Rahul says that it is only expected to evolve in the near future. “You’re freezing a moment in time that can otherwise be forgotten. I’m not aware of many jobs that give you an outlet for expression as beautifully as photography does."

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