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Puja Verma | The Entrepreneurs of India Womenpreneur Magazine July 2022

Raised and grown up in the administrative headquarters of Bihar, Puja finds it surprising to have ended up in a field she never could have imagined being a part of sixteen years before. She began her career as a banker in Bangalore and the change in landscape made her realize the importance of communication. She was exposed to a multi-lingual and cultural environment in the family she married in Chennai which made her ponder the idea of learning languages. That made up the exposition, the rising action’s up next. The lockdown. The mere sound of that word makes us remember a terrible time the country went through but Verma found optimism during the tough going. Like all other businesses, her family’s was affected negatively due to the pandemic. She began teaching Hindi to kids during lockdown. “Lockdown came as a blessing in disguise. We had time and technology. Our mindset helped us build even during the worst of times.” Word of mouth is an incredibly powerful tool which helps one succeed. But what helps it spread? Quality. Therefore, she never compromised on it.

Her students began recommending her to other students and the circle continued until this acted as a wake up call. These events led to the birth of ‘Mitrin: The Language School.’ It began by training adults and kids for Hindi but eventually the spurt of growth was visible. Presently, Mitrin teaches many Indian and foreign languages. Toxicity is something nobody wants to deal with. But if one does get stuck with either, it’s best for both to exit. She also defines competiton as healthy. She speaks of the challenges she faced with pride of overcoming them. Firstly, it was an obstacle to cope up with this new virtual method for both the parties alike. Although, there were numerous teachers wishing to apply, she knew she needed to find the right kind. Trustworthy, adaptable and easy communicator were few of the rare qualities that she seeked to see in the applicants. As for the surroundings in business, she explains she importance of one’s own surroundings. How necessary it is to be close to people who are growth-oriented and like-minded. She aims to improve the condition of women entrepreneurs who are not taken seriously despite having ground-breaking ideas. She wishes to pair working women with confidence and make a tonne of colour out of that!

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