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Pritha Paul | The Entrepreneurs of India Womenpreneur Magazine July 2022

The attractive world of the food industry caught her eye, which in turn led to the formation of the Food Blogging social media page. She would try different cuisines and post them along with small write-ups. She began doing so when the word Food Blogger was out and alien.

It was obvious that initially, her parents were not fond of the career she chose for it took time to gain recognition. But once she trekked up the hill, there was no looking back! Gradually, her family saw the hard work she put into this and encouraged her progress.

Food is fuel for life and Paul made the most out of this fuel. She stepped foot in a foreign and abstruse line yet earned the most difficult kind of currency: joy.

Dissatisfaction. This word has led many people to quit their work and pusue something completely knew, donate time to an activity that is liked but not mastered. Pritha was amongst the few people who had the courage to not continue living a life that did not make her feel content.

She had always dreamed of doing something no one else had from her family but unfortunately, because teaching was a safe career option for women she was bound to take it up. Naturally, it came to her that she was not made to this. Doing something with unhappiness could bring no good to herself or the people surrouding her so she set out to find her calling.

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