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Preetam Nayak on Building Futuro Agility Care Pvt. Ltd.

Preetam Nayak: Business has been there in my heart and soul since a very tender age. The purpose behind the business was to serve mankind. In 2015, when I was just 17, I started my first venture, an Edutech company, named Sikshya Kiran, especially for the training for CA and CPET entrance examinations. Due to certain issues, the growing business was shut down. Likewise, there were certain other businesses I struggled to thrive in, and with every bitter experience, I learned and grew.

Meanwhile, the same year, in September, I came up with a new project, "Futuro Agility care Pvt. Ltd." This organization deals with providing health care services at the doorsteps of people with ease. When the Covid-19 pandemic was worsening, the situation and people were panicking about treatment or consultation, I thought to bring medical services home, and help patients remain safe and treated. Starting with an initial investment of Rs.2 lakhs, just in 2 years, Futuro Agility Care is a company with 4 offices, 65 nurses, 25 doctors, 5 pharmacists, and other staff, operating across INDIA.

We deal with doctor consultation, Home nursing facilities, elderly care, baby care, diet plans, Home ICU setup Facilities, and provide all sorts of hospital treatment facilities according to the need of the patient at the doorstep. Not only this, but we also provide Medical Tourism for patients abroad and help them get treatment in India. Along with just physical ailments, this organization makes sure to take complete care of the patient's mental and emotional well-being.

The staff is trained and also organizes certain relaxing games, movies, and safe travels, to help the patient have a balanced happiness quotient and experience faster healing. We have already provided medical assistance to around 1000+ patients at home, during COVID.

I feel that a person, with the right intentions, and with the right execution, always receives good support that eventually contributes to thousands and millions of lives