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Prachi Bhatnagar | Child is the biggest strength of a mother

Prachi Bhatnagar: Becoming an entrepreneur was not only a career choice but a personal decision influenced by the arrival of my baby. Balancing my professional aspirations with the desire to be present for my child presented a significant challenge. As a professional event manager and fashion designer, I made the decision to transition into freelancing, allowing me to work on my own terms and avoid leaving my baby behind.

To further establish my presence and build my brand, I ventured into the world of social media. I started blogging on Instagram and vlogging on YouTube, sharing my experiences, expertise, and creative endeavors. It was a slow start, but I remained dedicated, putting in the effort day by day. The support of my husband and baby was instrumental in my journey, providing the motivation and strength to keep going.

Over time, I learned valuable lessons as an entrepreneur. Firstly, I understood the importance of staying updated and upgrading with the latest trends and technologies. The industry is constantly evolving, and keeping up with the changes is vital for success. I also realized that everyone is a potential competitor, and it's crucial to stay focused and continuously improve to stay ahead in the market.

I’ve been featured as the Most Trending Blogger by Hindustan Times, recognized as a Born on Instagram Creator, and nominated for a award. Today, I have established myself as  a renowned fashion, lifestyle, and mom blogger, and a travel vlogger on YouTube.

I wish to share that Hold on to your dreams, believe in your capabilities, and nothing will stop you from achieving your goals; that's the story of success.


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