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Poornima T M, Founder, P’enthusiasts reveals her entreprenurial journey!

Make the dream into reality and watch how your world changes

Poornima T M: I did not follow the stereotypical way of being the first rank holder. To people around me, Indian women are meant to do jobs like teachers, bankers, IT professionals or a doctor. I stood out in the crowd and dreamt of making my parents proud one day. And I'm on my way to accomplishing it.

My internships in Content Writing in my pre-final and final years, helped me choose Content Writing as a career option after my Engineering. The lack of opportunities as a pregnant mother led me to start pursuing my writing hobby as a full-time career. With unnerving grit and determination, I went on to single-handedly found ‘Content is The King’, the alpha-version of today’s P’enthusiasts. After a long and arduous journey fraught with obstacles and with the support of my able team, I have managed to whittle down the organisation to what it is today.

Well, there have been multiple roadblocks, challenges, and whatnot. But as an entrepreneur, it is my duty to keep my dream afloat at all times. P’enthusiasts is 4+ years old today. I always believed that the greater the challenges, the better for an entrepreneur because he/she gets moulded so well thanks to those experiences, just like how we convert gold into alluring jewellery. Those challenges have shaped us into what we are today.

One of the biggest challenges was initially – I officially began P'enthusiasts when my son was just 3 days old. This was tougher than anything else I've experienced, but I had an unabashed vision that I wanted to somehow achieve.

Within a span of 4 years, we have managed to show a turnover of INR 10 million in the FY 2021-22. To date, we have completed 100+ projects for over 50 clients. From a team of 3 content writers, we have grown to a 22-member company with 3 teams - Content, Design and Operations.

All brands under the sun need the right communication with the target audience and P'enthusiasts makes that happen. Our business touches upon content marketing that helps brands speak, and allows brands to socialise, apart from beating the keyword monotony of brands' SEO content. This 4+ year old venture prides itself on a 100% successful process that begins from thoroughly understanding a brand and ends with delivering content that converts, connects and adds value to the business.

We offer website content services, blogs & articles, social media management, copywriting, video scriptwriting, product description, marketing collateral as well as end-to-end content marketing.

Prospective clients and writers can get in touch with us at Alternately, they can also get in touch with us through our social media pages as below:



Facebook –

If you have a dream, make sure you work towards realising it. Life is too short to be worried about everything. Just fight the tide, learn from your mistakes, and success will be yours one day! And, remember to leave a mark behind you!

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