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Pooja Anandani | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine May 2022

Pooja Anandani, the founder and CEO of ResuMade, is a 26-year young and dynamic individual who left behind highly paid jobs and took the courageous step to start her venture with no second thought. She says, “You don’t think twice about achieving the dream that you saw, and if you do, it might not be your dream”. At an early age, when teenagers were busy partying and enjoying their days, Pooja was clear about her goals in life.

She thinks that Time and experience can be excellent teachers when one actually learns a lesson from the poor decisions they make.

The importance of explaining to clients that a resume writing service could be the difference between a high-paying job and months of unemployment. As a startup, understanding the impact of globalization on the international job market, establishing a flexible framework, and supporting a continuous learning environment was extremely crucial.

Pooja’s discovered that, despite the hard work and sacrifices, it's her connection to her family that allows her to thrive as an entrepreneur. The addition of her family's input to her life made her a better person.

Pooja stated 5 things that were entrusted upon her by her father, mother and sister –

- Dream big

- Broaden your ideas of expansion

- Find your passion and encourage others to find theirs.

- Always Praise and reward hard work

- Always be willing to redefine your dreams.

Friends and family provide a support system that can assist entrepreneurs in dealing with stress, balancing work and play, and generally maintaining a sense of perspective amidst the stress and responsibility of starting and running a successful business in an often unfeeling marketplace.

The resources available to ResuMade were limited, only a laptop, a small sum of money, and the CEO’s brain! They were more than enough to get the ball rolling!

The journey has not been easy. The reserved nature of individuals for investing in a Professional Resume, cover letter, or a LinkedIn Profile Makeover is the challenge. Creating awareness about the importance of Resumes and LinkedIn profiles is the need of the hour. Pooja believes that You win half the battle with a professional resume.

A lot of individuals do not know where to start from while building their resumes. Every resume made by ResuMade is special, a new and unique life to explore, one more story to unfold which will impact and accelerate people’s careers in a positive direction.

The best advice Pooja would like give to any aspiring start-up is “Never give up, the path might seem foggy, there would be many criticising you but if you are working hard, it will pay you very soon. Just be strong and forge ahead. Remember Rome was not built in a day”

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