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Piyush Shangari | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine March 2023

Piyush Shangari is a name synonymous with success in the world of financial services and stockbroking in India. As the founder and CEO of Wealthonic Capital, a fast-growing financial company, he has achieved great heights in the industry. His journey began in 2012 when he founded Wealthonic Capital, and since then, he has been leading the company to success. Wealthonic Capital offers a wide range of services to cater to the diverse financial needs of its customers. The company's services include demat accounts, financial planning, retirement planning, child education planning, equity investment, currency trading, commodity trading, insurance, mutual funds, and other financial instruments.

One of the most notable features of Wealthonic Capital's services is its user-friendly demat account opening process. The process is quick, taking only five minutes to complete, and requires minimal documentation. Customers can also benefit from a low brokerage rate, ensuring they receive the best value for their investments. Wealthonic Capital's financial planning service is designed to help customers achieve their long-term financial goals. The company's team of financial experts provides customized financial planning advice based on each customer's unique financial situation. Whether it is retirement planning or child education planning, Wealthonic Capital's experts assist customers in creating a financial plan that caters to their specific needs. Retirement planning is an essential part of any financial plan, and Wealthonic Capital's retirement planning service helps customers prepare for their golden years. The company's experts provide guidance on how to save for retirement, how to choose the right investment products, and how to manage finances during retirement. Similarly, Wealthonic Capital's child education planning service helps customers plan for their child's education. The company's experts assist customers in creating an education plan that takes into account their child's educational goals and financial situation.

Wealthonic Capital's equity investment services are designed to help customers make informed investment decisions. The company's team of experts conducts in-depth research on various stocks and provides customers with detailed reports and analysis. Similarly, the company's currency trading and commodity trading services provide customers with insights into global markets, helping them make informed investment decisions. The company also offers various insurance products, including life insurance, health insurance, and general insurance. Customers can choose from a range of insurance plans that suit their needs, ensuring they have adequate coverage in case of unforeseen circumstances. Wealthonic Capital's mutual fund services are also noteworthy. The company offers a wide range of mutual fund options suitable for customers' investment objectives, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. The company's experts provide customers with insights on these investment products, helping them make informed investment decisions.

Mr. Shangari's vision, hard work, and dedication have helped him build a team of 30+ employees and 300+ business partners across India, catering to 30,000 customers on a pan-India basis, and his company is continuously expanding. In the future, Wealthonic Capital plans to expand its services to include credit facilities and lending loans. Mr. Shangari's aspiration is to cater to the financial needs of at least one lakh clients in the next five years while improving his company's turnovers. In conclusion, Piyush Shangari's success story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to make a difference in the world of finance and stock market. Wealthonic Capital's services are designed to cater to customers' specific financial needs, and the company's team of experts provides customers with customized advice to help them achieve their financial goals. Wealthonic Capital is Aspiring entrepreneurs can take inspiration from Piyush Shangari's success story and learn from his vision, hard work, and dedication to build a successful business in the field of finance and stock market.

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