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Pipli Datta | The Entrepreneurs of India Womenpreneur Magazine July 2022

After working for a couple of years with a top corporate organisation, Pipli started pursuing LLB as it was a profession coming down with family. She wished to carve a niche in Legislative Law and transition as a self-employed worker. In 2015, after qualifying as a lawyer, Datta began working with various law firms.

By 2016, she met Mr. Arvind Vij (ex MD Legal of JPMorgan) who had founded a start-up ‘Illuminati Humanista Solutions.’ Since he was based in New Jersey, USA, he was in search of someone who could manage the company from India. Pipli being the perfect candidate, secured the post as a director and made a life-changing decision.

She learnt along the way that it takes time to learn the ropes of any new business and overcome teething problems.

She also discovered the worldwide maze of e-commerce. Everyone in business now has the bandwidth to reach out to a much greater spectrum of users.

She consciously wanted to escape her comfort zone when she moved to a new city and next when she quit a cushy job after working for eight years in order to begin with an unexplored venture. Needless to mention, that period comprised of thorns but with the unstinted support of her family, she could reach a satisfactory position in her career. She advises parents to spot the talent of their children and help them nurture it from an early stage instead of forcing them into conventional career options where kids tend to lose their individuality.

About challenges she says, “The major obstacle was to create a foundation of trust in clients. Pitching a new concept which was totally nascent in India seemed daunting at the onset. With mentoring of my CEO, I took the plunge.”

Her business offers legal support solutions. They open up a host of opportunities for people who had been forced to take a sabbatical due to personal reasons or parents who had to opt out of their careers in order to look after their children at home.

Pipli spread the message that with the latest technology back up, physical presence is not mandatory and a virtual lawyer can pull off the same work with higher quality and greater productivity on a remote basis. Her team and herself worked wonders to make her unheard passion heard in our nation

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