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"Picturesque Lens!" | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine Article of Yash Jhaveri

Today the pandemic is showing how important it is to take care of our health. Yash Jhaveri amidst the pandemic took up the motto of keeping people protected. His company We Care Meditex Pvt Ltd strives to create healthy living conditions for the people suffering incessantly during covid.

After completing his graduation, he entered this industry to serve millions through his entrepreneurial journey. But he is always not this typical health care man who’s busy preparing to serve with people with just masks and other necessary amenities during covid. In between developing his projects and brands, he was in constant pursuit in search of his true passion. He says, “Even if you feel the tiniest knack towards anything, pursue it and seek out your true passion.”

For him it was photography. He started his page with his own set of photos. Believe it or not but his Insta page @yjclicks got an overwhelming response of 15K followers within 1 month. People loved his work. But this was just the beginning. The road ahead was full of surprises to come.

To promote his work, he learned social media marketing, the power of hashtags, organic reach, and so on. Slowly it appeared to him, that besides all his endeavors in the health care sector, photography truly makes him happy. He says, “Currently I am pursuing advanced photography courses and I am looking forward to getting my photos featured in renowned magazines.”

He loves everything about his job. The perks of being a photographer include traveling. “Travelling alone makes you independent and gives you true freedom”, says Yash.

Yash is a dreamer. Not only our real life, but even metaverse attracts him. He is leaning toward crypto and NFT. He dreams his photos to be used in metaverse too. This is not just the endpoint. He aims to reach his health care brand to every household. When it comes to disinfectants, we tend to remember Dettol and Savlon. Similarly, Yash aspires to be that household medic brand that people remember through their work.

Being the Marketing Director and Business Development Co-Head of the company WeCare Meditex Pvt Ltd, his mission is to set up a company, not the company of profit, but the company of people, who knows how to serve the people best with his products and services and reach every household out there. Everything today he is, wouldn’t have been so far if it were not for his family to stand by him. Their support and encouragement helped him accomplish his goals and become what he is today. All in all, he says, ‘Life is a constant journey of what you can be and what you are doing. Yash strives to be the best in whatever he is doing today.’


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