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Pawan Mulchandani | The Entrepreneurs of India Selfmade Magazine November 2022

As a photographer, Mulchandani is inspired by the magic to capture moments in real time just by the click of a shutter. He feels anything could motivate a picture and mould it to its best, the light, look, or situation. A similar excitement ensues when working in the line of fashion photography. Pawan describes it as something full of challenges and potential learning opportunities gained from the risks that come along. He passionately talks about Portrait and Fine Art photography where the essence, personality, identity, and attitude of a person fascinate the artist without fail. Pawan describes this as a constant challenge to click a photo that appears natural and transparent.

“I lead with the sophistication of composition, stripping back the layers and capturing the real and the unfiltered.” His company, ‘Sai Ji Production’, was started with significant research, planning, funding, and organization. Their mission is to provide an enjoyable experience and timeless photographs that will be treasured by the client for a lifetime. They aim at expressing the story of emotions. For aspiring entrepreneurs, Mulchandani’s advice is to surely invest in businesses but not more than required. Therefore, one must work smart and not hard for smart work with dedication has always proved to pay off.

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