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Partner Vinshi and Surbhi shares their journey of Happy Souls.

Vinshi & Surbhi: Since our childhood, we had always been passionate about and dreamt of achieving something big in life. We had a vision of doing something of our own which added value to society. Entrepreneurs are the ones who change the world and we have always seen the world as we want it to be, not as it is. Growing up, we always had a clear sense of purpose for who we wanted to be.

Not born with a silver spoon, we had to initially begin our career with corporates to take up the responsibility of being breadwinners. But that never changed our goal. Through our jobs, we brushed up our skills and gained the essential certificates for kickstarting. In 2018, we did our first project which was a big success. It gave us the courage to take a bigger risk and open our own 3200 square feet academy in 2019.

Happy souls is an initiative towards transforming the lives of individuals through positivity, affection, and enthusiasm. It is a multi-facet center for a child’s overall development. The activities have a vast range of personality development, brain development, soft skill training, tackling stage fear, positive thinking, public speaking, debates, concentration building, Yoga, meditation, speech and drama, storytelling, English speaking, verbal skills, etc. In short, we aim to create happy faces, happy minds, and happy souls. We partnered with reputed schools in Delhi NCR and guided almost 1000 students through our mentoring, workshops, and programs. The academy provides free coaching classes to underprivileged children and works with a few NGOs as well.

Our biggest challenge was our financial hurdles. We had to help our family get rid of huge liabilities from our teenage years. The lockdown struck just after a week of the inauguration of our academy. It was tough to keep such a big rental space without a regular source of income. But with our constant hard work and positive thinking, we made a virtual class set up at our house and continued working toward our goal. Continually reinvesting time, endurance, and diligence helped us survive the tough roads of entrepreneurship. A positive attitude can make dreams come true, it did for us.

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