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Parinaz Kharas | The Entrepreneurs of India Womenpreneur Magazine July 2022

Social media has changed the landscape of our daily reality, to an extreme extent. It is so integrated into people’s lives that, it holds the power to make or break someone or someone’s brand. That’s where social media consultants or managers come into the picture. Social media consultants help brands grow and get recognized by creating a clean social media presence for them. Parinaz Kharas is one such individual, who has found success in building social media accounts for brands and helping them reach customers and develop a strong customer base. Parinaz is also a blogger herself, she started her Instagram page back in 2016, called @thebombayblogger. She also freelances and creates engaging and lucrative content for brands. When a course of hers was nullified in the middle, Parinaz found herself lost. However, it was the best thing that could happen to her. She says she was grateful, as that experience was crucial in shaping her life today. At that time, she was interning for a brand, and it was then that she realized that building a brand’s socials was where she excelled. Her inclination toward social media and enhancing a brand’s presence on social media increased. She took up a course in social media management and hasn’t looked back since. She then joined an agency and handled many clients. After starting her own handle, Parinaz, now as a freelancer, has gone on to handle social media accounts of over 50 phenomenal brands. Parinaz has mastered harnessing the power of social media to attract clients and establish a brand on social platforms.

In the social media industry, Parinaz believes that it’s all about understanding the client’s vision, their needs, aligning strategies with these needs and vision, meeting the requirements of the clients, and delivering more than they expect. She says, going out of the way to help promote a customer’s brand, being professional and respectful, and sticking to deadlines are of utmost importance to make clients trust you, and establish credibility.

“Families can be supportive by simply being present”, says Parinaz. Her family has been supportive throughout her life, they have let her fall and learn for herself.

Parinaz has also faced her fair share of challenges. She often finds it difficult to hire the right staff. Finding someone who shares her vision and goal, has been quite challenging. However, over time she has learned to manage and delegate to freelancers only when it gets too overwhelming for her to do it on her own. Addressing the existing bias against woman entrepreneurs, Parinaz says, “I feel not many take us, women, seriously to date. We are still doubted and we need to reassure investors or people trusting us that we won't let them down”. Yet, she trusts that women, too will soon reach heights and surpass expectations, people just need to change their mindset.

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