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Om Rajesh Hirulkar | From 20rs to Financial Freedom: The Inspiring Journey of a 12th grader

From 20rs to Financial Freedom: The Inspiring Journey of a 12th grade Entrepreneur

Growing up in a middle-class family, I always dreamed of living a luxurious life. However, I faced a significant challenge - lack of resources and money to turn my dreams into reality.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and learn graphic design. Within a month, I received my first client who paid me 20rs for a poster. This was the beginning of my journey, and I started taking on more clients and collecting money. Within three months, I was earning 7k to 8k per month at the age of 16.

I then started working in the MLM business, worked hard, and earned more clients from there. I even learned about trading, and my journey taught me many new things like public speaking, sales training, and collaboration with influencers.

As an entrepreneur, I believe that failure is a part of the journey, and we should accept it and learn from it. I also learned to keep my eyes open for new opportunities and always strive to learn new skills.

My family's financial situation was low, and we couldn't afford many things we needed. So, I decided to become financially independent to support my family and fulfill my dreams. I kept learning more skills and collaborating with people to make more money.

I gifted myself a new phone worth 26 thousand and bought a PC for my design work. These may not seem like big achievements to some, but for my family and me, they were significant milestones. I was the first person in my family to travel by flight at the age of 16 and gifted small household things to my parents.

I am now in 12th grade and will soon complete it. The industry I am working in has many opportunities, and I have learned that skill and talent rule the world. I want to start a free academy where poor students can learn money-making skills for free.

My message to everyone is to start working on your skills and start earning, no matter what your age. The earlier you start, the more you will learn about the market and the better you will be prepared to succeed. Don't let lack of resources or money hold you back from pursuing your dreams.

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