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Nishant Yadav| Your focus determines your reality...

Since childhood, I wanted to become an automobile engineer. But unfortunately could not pass the exam concerning it and had to pursue computer science engineering which was not my interest. I wanted to start my work as I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and which with time hindered my mobility. I decided to stay in Dehradun and pursue my business in automobile initially but eventually, I started loving the hospitality sector.

Right after college as I could not qualify for placements because of my degrading health. So, thought of choosing my career as an entrepreneur. And started first authorized bike rentals and gears in gimmebyk and then went for a hostel/boutique hotel in NomadsHouse which we are expanding to 3 outlets by mid of this year. 

In my entrepreneurial journey, I have got more than what I could think of. The respect, the financial benefits, and the motivation the work gives have all been a sheer blessing. 

The biggest challenge in my entrepreneurial journey was too diagnosed with muscular dystrophy which eventually kills your muscle strength resulting in difficulty in walking, climbing stairs, and all leg and shoulder-related muscle activity and can end life by adolescence.

I started with the bikes business in 2016 and the hotel business in 2019 which we are expanding this year, my health continues to degrade as it has no treatment for now but that has only motivated me to go for big things.

NomadsHouse is my primary business which is a hostel and boutique hotel with more than 10000 guests hosted to date, we provide value-for-money stays and are going for luxury and semi-budget categories as well by mid of this year. We provide bikes for rent with gears as an extended business called gimmebyk.

At NomadsHouse we give our guests the best value for money stays, be it beds in dorms or private rooms. We provide a guarantee of safety, security, and comfortable stays. Our new outlets would be on the luxury side but we won’t dent our guest’s pockets as value for money would still be our focus.

Add to that, we provide vehicles for exploring Dehradun and Uttarakhand with proper guidance.

Achievements include working and expanding NomadsHouse as a chain. We started the first authorized bike rentals and gears business in Dehradun in 2016. The first hostel for travelers in Dehradun as NomadsHouse is in running since January 2019. And soon we are opening two more outlets in different categories.

People can connect with our business via our Instagram at NomadsHouse2019, or our google page and website at NomadsHouse and gimmebyk. We are also available on OTAs like Bookingcom, Hostelworld, and MakeMyTrip.

Active WhatsApp Number:9634330690 Email Address –

Message to other emerging Entrepreneurs Life is never going to be easy and fair but it’s always beautiful. No matter what stops you, take a halt, breath, and go do it.


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