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Nipun Soin | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine May 2022

Nipun Soin was the second generation in the field of art. He always had the vision to do something creative and artistic. He used to go to the exhibitions held by his father and used to do the placement of paintings on the walls in the exhibition.

“After gaining experience and doing an art appreciation course, I started my proprietorship firm by the name of ALLURE ART & EVENTS”, says Nipun.

Although one needs to make mistakes to learn the lessons in some fields like arts, one cannot take several chances. He suggests that we should always work on a tier 3 agenda. It’s like if one vendor is not able to deliver, have the second one ready and if not second, then the third one should always be there.

“Don’t be dependent on one particular person. Failure is not on my list. Work has to be done anyhow”, says Nipun.

"One should always analyze and then purchase any artwork. There are people in the market who are fooling around by providing fake artwork. The genuinity of the product should always be cross-checked”, says he.

He was fortunate as his family has always supported him in all ways. He thinks that families should always encourage their children to do whatever they want to be in life. “Until and unless you follow your passion, your success rate will be low and you will always end up in the wrong field of interest which you will regret later”, says he.

Nipun unlike other entrepreneurs was fortunate to have enough resources to kickstart his journey. “I got a bank of artists to start with the business. Post that, I never stopped expanding the business to cross cities and cross countries.” Today, he is working with more than 300 Artists including the best of Artists across the globe.

But similar to all the budding entrepreneurs, he too has faced a lot of difficulties in life. His father always wanted him to be independent and strong.

“I didn't have everything on the platter. I made sure I got some experience on my own before entering the work so I had to work under someone for a couple of years, and shed sweat and tears”. All this earned him definite experience and knowledge.

“I overcame everything by working towards my goal.” There are one thousand ways to reach the desired target. He believes that one just needs to tie their laces and get the journey started.

The man attached to the world of colours and artists says, “We should add colours to our life by adding Artwork to our dead empty walls.” Art is a way of expression and everyone should fall in love with this wonderful beauty.


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