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Nimit Jani | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine June 2022

Nimit Jani is a commerce graduate who has ventured into the field of digital marketing, working as a graphic designer and a social media manager. Photography is his passion and for him working in all of these fields, he says, “It is a future which is having huge demand for everyone and it is going to make a globally developing nation with a digital lifestyle.”

Every single day you make mistakes every single day you learn from it”, says Nimit. As Digital Marketing is making huge demanding and futuristic experiences for everyone one must have marketing knowledge to make impressions on high-ticket clients and work together for business start-ups.

Family support is the most important role for an entrepreneur. “If they are confident enough in you, just work and make sure that your family proudly says that you'll be an entrepreneur one day and you'll make a fortune in millions and billions”, says Nimit.

Many tools are available to kick start the online business. “Commonly used tools like Google Drive, Quill Bot, HubSpot, WordPress, and so on”, says Nimit.

There are some major challenges he faced while starting in this field. “So, I took full advantage of YouTube as it is a one-stop guide for anything, and I also attended free courses for digital marketing like HubSpot, Google Garage, Simplilearn, and Great Learning.”

As a Graphic Designer, one has a responsibility to show the clients that whatever content will be given to you, you've to show your skills in video form so that it makes a good impression in front of the audiences that will like to work with you.

He says, “Just be your gentlemen and make sure that today you give a chance to yourself and stand in front of billions of people with your respect, kindness, and consistency.” He believes in the advice 'FIRST LEARN AND THEN REMOVE THE LETTER 'L' FROM IT.'

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