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Netra Venkatesh | The Entrepreneurs of India Womenpreneur Magazine July 2022

Netra believes that once you believe you can do it, help and collaborations find their way to you. “In the space of people and organizations to help women entrepreneurs, there is a lot of support out there. One just needs to look and connect with these support partners”. According to Netra, the key to learning is to identify pain points and find creative solutions for them.

However, every venture has its own challenges, for SpunkGo it was establishing credibility and getting people to trust an organization run by young women. Womenpreneurs often have odds stacked against them, there is still a bias in parts against women as entrepreneurs along with the usual challenges of any entrepreneur.

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed people to come up with creative solutions and even start new ventures. Netra Venkatesh was one such individual. When a summer course of hers was made online, Netra realized how education could be provided online at a low cost and give a wider reach. This is how SpunkGo was conceived.

SpunkGo is a non-profit organization that provides free webinar-based education to young women across 20 developing nations. The organization has built partnerships with the Simbi Foundation in Uganda and has applied for a grant with the Malala Foundation.

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