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Naman Saini | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine June 2022

The 16-year-old Naman Saini got his entrepreneurship inspiration from the director of his school Shivram Choudhury, who himself ran a start-up and shared his story with the kids. “Since then I’m trying to figure out and explore a lot of new fields and trying to gain experiences.”

Currently, in 12th standard, Naman runs a content repurposing and marketing agency. He did the mistake of getting comfortable and stayed on one skill for a long time. “Everyone says you should be king of one skill and be the best at it but the reality is that you can’t make real wealth”, says Naman.

The biggest challenge he faced was telling his parents that he wanted to take on a career like Entrepreneurship at the age of 15. “Honestly, I've not overcome it yet. I am still struggling with it”, says Naman.

The resources available to him were enough to kickstart his business. “I’ve done so far and I believe that if you have an internet connection and a device to work on then you are good to go.”

He has just started and the first big issue that an agency owner face is acquiring clients. Through networking, eventually, he built up his client base.

Everyone should keep on doing something that makes them feel alive”, says Naman.

Let's just keep being curious and hungry for better experiences!

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