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Mitul Khemka, shaping the jewelry and diamond industry with Cancri Jewells.


Mitul Khemka: Since the beginning, we've always been a business family.  Being Marwaris has been incorporated into our ways of life. After seeing the level of business done by Bluestone, Caratlane, and Candare I always wanted to start my e-commerce website, thus launching Cancri Jewells.


 While completing my master’s at Polimi Business School in Milan, I did my research on the online jewellery market in India. I made a business plan to start an e-commerce website for real diamond jewellery.


We launched Cancri Jewells in August 2020, amidst the lockdown. We were prepared for the slow sales considering the pandemic, but the sales were even lower than our projection. It is still increasing gradually month on month.


The biggest challenge for me was generating sales. We steadily set up backend systems and processes for lead management so that we do not miss even 1 customer, generating coupon codes and giving them special discounts during their birthday/anniversary month also helps a lot.


Our Parent Company Jai Sai Jewellers has been in the real diamond industry for the last 50 years. We've supplied to big diamond houses like Popley, and TBZ for many years. We recently launched Cancri Jewells to strengthen our online presence in the market as well as MK Atelier, a bespoke fine jewellery brand adding a more premium segment to our offerings.


The business' launch event was graced by Padmashree Awardee Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. We collaborated with influencers like Ahsaas Chana, Sachi Basin, and Dixita Patel having more than 4 million followers combined. We also got the Zee Business Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Cancri Jewells in 2021.


For Cancri Jewells, we give the best price guarantee. We add about 100 new designs every month. We aim to provide real diamond jewellery not only to the classes but also to the masses, hence our range starts from a mere 7k rupees. All the jewellery on our website is completely customizable in terms of gold karatage and diamond quality. We even offer customers to send in their designs to be made by us. We can be reached via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or 18002672115 for any enquire.


Lastly, I would like to say to everyone that one should never focus on the problem, instead should always focus on finding the solution.

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