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Mithun Adith | 100 Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India 2023

As an Entrepreneur, Mithun Adith emerges as a true luminary, spearheading innovations in the expansive realm of DeepTech AI. As the astute founder of SpotKwik Inc, Mithun seamlessly intertwines his personal narrative with the tapestry of his entrepreneurial pursuits. 

Within the confines of this exclusive interview, he generously imparts profound insights, recounts his triumphs, and delves into the transformative prowess of technology that propels his mission to enhance the quality of living.

Mithun Adith, a distinguished alumnus of the 14th cohort of IIM-B's Entrepreneurial Learning, unfolds the narrative of how entrepreneurship organically found him. Confronted with the formidable challenge of securing his coveted post-graduation dream job, he opted not for surrender but for problem-solving. The genesis of his entrepreneurial journey lies in the establishment of his first company, a testament to his belief that problems present themselves to be solved. Mithun ardently advocates for the art of posing the right questions and embracing challenges as the very crucibles of opportunity.

Entrepreneurship, in Mithun's sagacious perspective, unfolds as an ongoing and dynamic classroom where mistakes cease to be pitfalls but metamorphose into the invaluable stepping stones toward success. From his journey, he distills two cardinal lessons – the imperative to treat startups as bespoke castles, attuned to customer preferences, and the pivotal emphasis on cultivating a beguiling garden that magnetically attracts customers through the alchemy of product excellence and branding.

Beyond personal accolades, Mithun's motivation transcends into a noble aspiration to serve as a catalyst for the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs. For him, success isn't merely a personal triumph; it becomes a powerful tool to counter arguments against the very essence of entrepreneurship, thereby kindling the flames of inspiration in others. He fervently contends that an individual's success becomes the wellspring of inspiration for an entire generation, an ethos that propels him to secure victories not just for himself but for his fellow entrepreneurs. In acknowledging the pivotal role of familial support, Mithun underscores the collaborative nexus that must exist between entrepreneurs and their families. He ardently encourages entrepreneurs to articulate the rationale behind their risks, fostering understanding within their families. Simultaneously, he enjoins parents to view their children's entrepreneurial endeavors not as mere gambles but as strategic investments, thereby fostering a supportive ecosystem conducive to growth.

For Mithun, the traditional metrics of success find themselves redefined within the contours of his entrepreneurial journey. He reframes success not as a static label but as an ever-evolving and continuous learning process, urging his counterparts to eschew the confines of measurement in favor of embracing the perpetual growth inherent in the entrepreneurial odyssey.

Addressing the multifaceted challenges confronting a novice entrepreneur, Mithun becomes an advocate for the trifecta of focus, delegation, and meticulous metric tracking. In navigating the labyrinth of entrepreneurial responsibilities, he underscores the non-obvious yet pivotal variables of delegation and metric tracking as indispensable elements for the scalable growth of a burgeoning company.

SpotKwik Inc, aspires to be a harbinger of positive societal change through technology. The company's ambitious vision unfolds with the introduction of augmented reality trial rooms, bringing the shopping experience to consumers' fingertips. This visionary move not only revolutionizes online shopping but sets a gold standard for immersive, personalized interactions within the expansive realm of e-commerce, showcasing Mithun's adeptness at integrating cutting-edge technologies such as Augmented Reality and deeptagging.

Mithun views entrepreneurs as modern societal architects, drawing inspiration from historical game-changers like the Internet and the iPhone. He positions them as torchbearers ushering in pivotal shifts in contemporary systems. Mithun advises aspiring entrepreneurs to treat their journey as a metaphorical bank. Here, solutions provided to society are currency, and patience acts as the vault for enduring returns. He encourages them to break free from the 'Instant Culture' mindset, urging a commitment to meaningful contributions and viewing their endeavors as lasting investments.

This Story is brought to you from the book: 100 Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India 2023.

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