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Mir Hashim Ali : The Kingpin of salonik

Mir Hasim Ali is the founder and CEO of the company named ‘Salonik’. From the early days of college, he desired to build his own brand. His company Salonik deals with superior quality of Saffron and Dates. Within a few years of launching, it has become the most trusted brand. The import and export of the two products are practiced from the country Iran. In an interview, Mr. Ali spoke about expanding and exploring more in the field of Saffron and Dates. His company will not stick with one particular breed. This will provide more options to their consumers.


Mr. Ali was born and brought up in the city of Nawabs, ‘Hyderabad’, Telangana. He did his schooling from Nasr School, Hyderabad. After completing his schooling phase, he persuaded Engineering from the Muffakham Jah College with the mechanical branch. From childhood, he was aware of the business of exporting and importing as his father was one of the known exporter and importer of Hyderabad, Telangana.He was working with India’s one of the largest company BHEL(Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited) as a close partner. From his father only he learnt the basics of demand and supply in the market.

Inspiration: Mr. Hasim Ali believes that his father is the main source of inspiration behind all his achievements. Mr. Hyder Ali is famous for owning ‘Yakun Marketing Private Limited. He is the leading processors and exporters of Natural Agro products from India. His son, Mr. Hasim Ali considers that his father’s strategies and inspiration helped him. Under his guidance he acquired the knowledge of the export and import business. Apart from his father, he thanks his brother (Mrs. Aksar Ali), mother(Batool Fatima), sister (Tahira Fatima) for all the motivation and support behind this journey.He also gives special thanks to Shahar Bano for helping him overcoming all the negativies during this journey .

About the journey:

The journey of being a young entrepreneur was not easy. The initial stage of his career was filled with anxiety and depression. As time passes the stereotypes of marketing starts breaking and your brain faces the true reality of marketing. He thinks “If you are blessed with good friends and supporting family then the darkest phases of life can be cured”.

Talking about his other interest:

Apart from business Mr. Ali is very fond of reading books. He advices everyone to read at least one book in a month. Reading is an integral part of our life and it makes you live thousands of lives.

Some of his book recommendations are

  • Rework,

  • Psychology of Money,

  • Man search for the meaning,

  • Crusades

and some of the Philosophy book reference are:

  • The monk who sold his Ferrari

  • How to find God.

He says that if someone is a good reader, he/she has more wisdom than non reader of same age. He believes in the quotation, “If you want to learn everything from your own mistakes, life is very short for that. So learn from others’ mistakes”.

Main Motive of the company:

Ups and Downs are the part of marketing. The main aim is to maintain Brand value and Goodwill. If the quality is maintained at supreme point , the lesser price of competitors could not affect his distribution and rate. He believes that customers will always choose quality over price.

Future plans of the company and Competition:

Furthermore, he vocalizes about the future plans of the brand and how it is going to match up with the demand of Dates in the market. The urgent demand of dates rises during the time of covid as nutrition became the need for the people. At that time Salonik joined his hands with IRAN based company called Kimia. Both the companies were working together in India to cater the huge urge of dates.

Transparency is a key element for establishing any company. He provided the complete details of how the chain of transparency works in his company and revealed that providing a full transparency is biggest strength of company which help them to win the trust of customers.

As the company grows it starts facing more and more challenges. Talking about this he said, the major challenge is to maintain and fulfil the commitments and supplies, to maintain the quality and to beat the competition around us. Building up a company at an early age is in itself a challenge. Being a young entrepreneur, the best benefit he gets is more opportunities. But as people say ‘Every advantage comes with new disadvantages. A major con of being young in a field is to have lack of experience. Right now, Salonik is focusing into conquering Indian market of Saffron and Dates.

Important Fact:

Sometimes the company go through some major loses. The packets of Dates and Saffron gets expired. He revealed how they compensate with expiry items. They supplied that to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and make sure that no packets of Dates are being wasted.

Motivation and Advices:

He also motivated the youth to set their own goal. Every human has three entities:

  1. Your Mind

  2. Your Body

  3. Your Soul

People should work on these three entities together and not separately. This can be achieved by improving your mind through testing our brain. He added, when you go and ask people what is the secret of success. 99% of population knows the secret of success because there is no secret. The only difference is the execution part of how you are executing your thoughts and ideas.

Mr. Ali reveals some exercises which will help the youths to enhance their mind, body and soul.

  1. Meditate

  2. Try to speak less

  3. Try to spend some times with nature

“The mantra to become successful in life is to have control over the three main entities mind, body & soul – by Mr. Mir Hasim Ali.”

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