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Michelle Sequeira | The Entrepreneurs of India Influencer Magazine September 2022

Artists create; they touch the soul; we sense it, and pass it along. They say art can never be finished; it can only be abandoned. Representing herself as a soul who touches other souls, putting emotions into all her creations, Michelle Sequeira, a 17-year-old lady, brings the warmth she holds in her hands through paintings like magic to folks.

Michelle is a professional artist who hopes to make it big in the fashion industry. A deep appreciation for art was something that grew in her through time. She kept up with her education while still devoting time to her interest, and made great strides toward becoming better at both.

She initially found herself with plenty of free time during the epidemic. That's when she decided to sit down and think of ways to build her name recognition. The thought occurred to her to combine her two greatest passions, creating one-of-a-kind presents and painting portraits. This is how she came up with the idea for her company Love Crafted Art.

Launching a completely functional company required a whole month of effort. To guarantee a satisfying experience for her clientele, she could leave no room for error. Since she had been practicing portrait painting for some time, so she had amassed enough assets to launch her company. Things she needed were finally purchased using the money she had earned. After saving up for the art materials, she relished the sense of independence that came from purchasing them on her own. Consequently, after making all the necessary preparations, she first introduced her company on Instagram, then on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. After just a month, she saw a huge increase in interest in her product line. She fulfilled and sent out around ten orders throughout India in the first month.

Because she was a company owner, she had to start thinking like a content creator. However, content creation is the sole method for expanding existing audiences and serves as a low-cost promotional strategy. Something she has learned is the importance of maintaining a steady routine. When she found out the hard way that material had to be updated often, she knew she had to make it a priority. You can't go through facets when you don't post, breaking your record because it results in a depreciation of your company's reputation.

Like every other droplet in the ocean makes for its vastness, a journey falls insufficiently without setbacks. If one wants to keep your reader engaged, they will need some variety in the content. It might be difficult to keep track of what you've posted on all of your social media sites at once. Still, putting in the time to arrange your data sensibly pays off in the shape of huge time savings.

In Love Crafted Art, her company specializes in creating one-of-a-kind portrait paintings only for you and your loved ones to cherish. Everybody likes to give presents that no one else has. And what could be more special than having portraits painted just for you? This is when help from her company may be of use. Portraits are available as digital illustrations and pop art on canvas, delivered at your door in a month, gift wrapped.

Her goods and services are well recognized as being among the most reasonably priced available. All of their crafts begin at only Rs. 399. Express shipping is another service they provide. They help you immortalize special moments by transforming them into works of art. When you need a present but don't know what to get, digital illustrations or Pop Art portraits are the way to go. Transform your favorite memories into works of art for every event. To make an order, just upload some photos and fill out the questionnaire. Adding a personal touch to a present has several benefits, including making the recipient feel appreciated, strengthening connections, and ensuring the gift is appropriate for the event.

Withal Michelle like being able to take charge of every facet of her company as a sole owner. Her work schedule, method of operation, and location are all within her control, and she is responsible for developing her company via the use of both immediate and intermediate objectives. With her watchful eye, she ensures that milestones are met and objectives are realized on schedule.

Her loved ones have always been quite encouraging of her entrepreneurial endeavors. Each time she asked, they were there to provide advice, point out potential improvements, and offer their thoughts and opinions. They would unknowingly cheer Michelle up when she was too tired to function properly. The amount of appreciation she feels toward them and their unwavering support during her journey is beyond the scope of what words can describe.

Michelle has flourished through her endeavors. She reveals and thanks her fellow who inspired her and is also an entrepreneur at a young age. He convinced her to launch this company. If Sahej Arora is seeing this, thank you.

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