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Memory Card Tips by Mr. Amardeep Singh Nagi.

The guidelines to follow if you shoot with a variety of cameras and memory cards, such as Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, etc., are:

1. Do not format the SD cards or memory cards on your laptop or computer, but rather do that with the camera itself. Formatting the memory card in a laptop or computer will confuse the memory of the SD card, which leads to chip failure. The reason behind this is that every operating system, like Windows or Mac, has its formatting processes. Besides, every camera brand has its specific way of formatting, which differs from brand to brand.

2. Always use your SD cards or memory cards after formatting them, as each camera has a unique method of formatting the memory card and creating new folders on it. Even if you insert a card that was recently used in the camera, e.g., from a Sony to a Canon or Nikon camera, the camera will try to make an SD card compatible for use, but it would make

the process and method risky.

3. Don’t swap memory cards from one camera to another, even if it’s a camera of a similar brand. This I usually do for safety reasons, as both the cameras have different serial numbers and sometimes they can behave uncertainly, which we might not be aware of.

4 Do not use your same SD card or memory card for multiple purposes. Keep separately dedicated SD cards or memory cards for your camera. So if you have a camcorder and a DSLR, I would suggest not cross-using them as it confuses the memory of an SD card, which can lead to its failure.

5. As I have multiple brand cameras, I had the privilege of buying separate SD cards and memory cards for my cameras. Because of this, I never used the same memory cards in both Canon and Sony cameras.

I’ve been taking care of this process for 7-8 years now, and I've never had a memory card failure.

Happy shooting!

Article by: Amardeep Singh Nagi

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