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Meghna Joshi | The Entrepreneurs of India Womenpreneur Magazine July 2022

The relationship between a fresher and an employer has always been one of the least talked about in the industry. For a fresher, it is the first real responsibility that has real consequences, and the employer on the other hand has a set of expectations that they assume freshers will fulfill. However, these expectations often don’t align, and often end up disappointing both parties.

SWAN (Skilled Workforce Advancing Nation) Livelihood was developed by entrepreneur Meghna Joshi to bridge the aspirations of the youth as per the requirements of the industry. Meghna Joshi is a certified life coach having over 8 years of experience.

SWAN required a deep understanding and delicate handling of both sides. The underlying thought behind the venture was to resolve the pain points of freshers and train them for a harmonious and fruitful relationship with their employers.

However, Joshi faced several challenges like the spread of Covid, getting a team together, outreaching, and branding. Yet, sustained efforts made the SWAN team successful in helping their first batch of trainees thrive through a rigorous process of mentoring.

Joshi mentions the hardships women entrepreneurs have to face in today’s society where there is a lack of support in funding and a general gender disparity that prevents them from acquiring positions of power.

She feels that leadership positions

should be need-based, strictly on merit.

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