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Meet Vivek Anand, uplifting individuals and SMEs w/ Skillhub Consulting.

Vivek Anand: Entrepreneurship wasn’t a dream. The only goal that I had was to do what I love doing and my likings were never categorized in a particular role. My first job (as a Trainer) came to me accidentally and I accepted it because I got that happy feeling. I followed my dream and grew in the domain. However, I never dreamt of being a Mentor as I had no special interest in studies.

After spending more than 2 decades in Education, Training & Learning, and handling some key positions I had developed an interest in People Management, hence HR. Since I wasn’t able to get a job in HR, I decided to move out, enhanced my skills with some international certifications. I even pursued a PGDHRM but still, no one was ready to bet on me. Adding more Human and rationale to HR became a strong Purpose and that gave birth to Skillhub Consulting.

Since I was coming from a Skilling background I started into it first. We got recognized under Startup India Mission and we partnered with NSDC. We started the online version of our HR training under the brand Skillhub Learning in 2020. We trained students from some of the premier management institutes like TISS, MDI, Christ, Symbiosis, XISS, Trinity Dublin to name a few. We also mentored professionals from 7 different countries. In 2021, we started out Strategic People/HR consulting for SMBs and so far have catered to businesses from 5 different industries.

Today, Skillhub Consulting has 2 brands under this banner. The HR Partners - This is the strategy consulting arm that works with Small & Medium business owners to help them align their People strategies to achieve their business goals. Virtual CHRO is one services to provide guidance and support the business owners and their HR teams. We are sector agnostic and help businesses make their People more effective and accountable.

Skillhub Learning - This is the training arm that works with HR aspirants/professionals and help them enhance their HR skills.

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