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Meet, Vicky Saha founder of Vicky tourism private limited.

Vicky Saha: “Growing up, I always wondered what made my father such a busy person. When I spent a lot of time working with him, I realized how hard he works to be who he is and make us who we are. This realization has made me shift my gears from being a rally racer to becoming a full-time businessman and an entrepreneur. I was determined to make my father proud.

When I started with my business, I was not satisfied with the traditional methods used. I started implementing new structures and business strategies to make the business fuller. I always made integrity and honesty the building blocks of the business which was something my father taught me.

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Ever since I was asked about my aim in life, I fought the regular stereotype of becoming a doctor and engineer. I held on to the legacy and I challenged myself to do better every single day.

We have been the top seller in B2B and contributor to all domestic and all international airlines in Eastern India for several years. We encourage and motivate people to travel and have a greater vision and opportunity worldwide.

Always believe in yourself and in what you do. Maintaining transparency, staying honest, and having a good attitude will help you go a long way in business and in any other aspect of life as well.”

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Rajesh Panikar
Rajesh Panikar
Mar 18, 2023

Third Class Company

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