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Meet Trupti Raghuveer Jhaveri, Shaping the Finance Industry

The habit of persistence is the key to victory

Trupti Raghuveer Jhaveri: As a child I never thought of being an Entrepreneur. However, post my marriage my husband was a big motivation and support system for me. He always encouraged me to venture into new projects and made me realise how I can be a great asset for our business.

I decided to choose entrepreneurship as my career after the blissful wedlock with my husband. I am always thankful to have a husband like him, who always encouraged me to become an independent woman.

I was completely unprepared when I became a part of our business. My husband has always been a wonderful mentor and guiding force who has made me aware and capable of handling various challenging situations. I have also worked on my communication skills as effective communication is key to success of any business. Quick and timely customer service is also something which I have learnt through my journey.

When recession hit the Indian economy in the year 2008-2009, our business had to go from many lows. To add to our struggle, our business partner then ended the partnership and I had to take care of the business as a sole proprietor. It was very difficult as we had overdue liabilities whereas conversion of clients to bring new business was very less. I had a tough time but I kept going and persistence paid off.

One of the biggest achievement is that we, Shree Maheshwari finance and Insurance have been recognised by many awards and accolades by many financial institutions and banks for our valuable contribution in bringing in business.

You can reach us at or whatsapp at 9820643700.

Lastly, I would like to convey that; When Going gets Tough, Tough gets Going. So Don't stop, and keep going. The habit of PERSISTENCE is the key to VICTORY.


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