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Meet the young and Dynamic entrepreneur, Ram Bansal, founder: RNM Digital Media.

“The giant leap isn’t everything, the first small step is…” says Ram Bansal, founder of RNM Digital Media!

Before Ram Bansal started his entrepreneurial journey by founding, RNM Digital Media, his original plan, surprisingly was to become a Lawyer. He prepared nearly 1.5 years for it but, due to some family issues, he couldn’t continue. However, destiny had its own plans!

Ram Says “While watching YouTube back in 2017, I always had the thought of doing something of my own. And it was in 2019, that I came across the term social media marketing. This new term clicked me and I wanted to know more.

The beginning was very challenging. Every day, I had to face several challenges, but whatsoever I enjoyed learning from them. I was always very excited to learn more to do things practically and grow. The main point was consistency when you are consistent your brain will give you new ideas and solutions to deal with the problems. A similar thing happened to me. Almost 15 months later, I landed my first client in 2020.”

This was the turning point for Ram. Today his priority is his clients’ satisfaction and serving them with the best results. After all, business is all about relationships and trust you have between people.

But leading a successful venture wasn’t an easy road, says Ram. The biggest problem by far was reaching out to my ideal clients. After trying almost everything, LinkedIn helped him to filter out the mess and help him reach the right clients. Receiving a Google online Marketing certificate was a significant achievement for me.

Let’s have a look at RNM Digital Media. RNM Digital media provides Facebook advertising, YouTube advertising, and a range of other digital marketing services to a range of clients.

RNM digital media has built of loyal base of clients across the globe.

To avail the services from RNM Digital Media, connect with Ram Bansal on Linkedin at:

Ram Adds: “Although my journey I believed that don’t lose hope and try once again. Remember, you don’t know how your attempt is going to impact your life. In those 15 months, I failed each day but the only thing I had was hope and belief, a strong belief in myself. Every day try and give yourself one more chance. Go, get up and try again- this is one of the most important things I have learned in my journey.”

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