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Meet the Queen of art, Himika Mahajan, and the founder of Creative Box.

Himika Mahajan: “My art made me realize so. Being kiddo, I didn’t know about entrepreneurship, but I loved creating art pieces. Sometimes I have an idea when I start, and other times I jump into blank paper in hope of creating something exciting. I was very curious about learning creative things but I was the odd one out. I used to do things that nobody else did. I learned

from my father, who was a businessman about what, when, and how to implement things. While pursuing MBA, I found myself doodling more on pages and less interested in studies. My textbooks are covered in the stuff. Every tiny strip of paper I saw, I started doodling.

There was a point when I suffered from deep anxiety and other health problems. My Doctor suggested doing things that make me feel good but I don't have any clue of what to do. And one day with my friend’s advice I started drawing again. My close ones and I were surprised to see the glimpse of my first painting. It motivated me a lot and then after a time, I used to paint every day.

My first challenge was facing rejection. You have to accept a lot of nos to finally get a yes. Perseverance is key, and it’s important not to take those personally. Then I had to manage my household with kids. The artwork is messy and ‘kids love mess.’ It is important to navigate the situation and stay productive with minimal interruptions. We participated in Exhibitions at Art_chitrakala, Indian Art carnival, Tanu's Exhibition, and got featured by @art_xplore and @_art.workshop.


We specialize in creating original Large Canvas Wall Art, modern abstract art, traditional art, contemporary, palette knife, resin art, figurative painting. We sell worldwide too.

You can connect with me on my Etsy shop- Creative Bixby Himika or message me at Instagram: @creative.box_himika

Facebook: @Himika_artwork

I believe that go and make amazing glorious mistakes, break rules. If opportunities don't knock, build a door. My biggest motivation is to keep challenging myself in every piece of art.”

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