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Meet the multi-tasking Women, Swetanjali, Sryashi, and Saswati, from

Swetanjali Mehrotra, Saswati Mehrotra, and Sryashi Mehrotra:

I was born in a middle-class family and my life was going on as a normal smooth journey and I was content with it. My entrepreneurship journey started when I got married and was the mother of a 5-year daughter and was pregnant. At that time I realized that I had to be answerable for even buying little things for my child.

I dared to step into the man’s world. First in 1986 with Cars, then in 1999 in Real Estate. My company was launched in 2006 where it became the first internet-based Real Estate Advisory Portal and Interior Designing Studio. My Daughters Sryashi and Swetanjali have joined me in this journey and are successfully running the show and expanding the business.

My story was all about struggle and desperation.  It is a story of an educated Lady entrepreneur from Kolkata, India who with 0% finance and 100% hindrances, but with absolute determination and dedication has climbed the ladder of success. The domain of my work itself was male-dominated and I had a tough time dealing with all this. 

You can reach them here at:

I was awarded the Leading Woman In Real Estates in India in the year 2013 by II Global at the 4th Women Leaders in India Awards and ``The Entrepreneur” by WomanTimes National Woman Empowerment Award 2018. My elder daughter Sryashi Mehrotra was awarded as the Best Interior Design Consultant of Kolkata by India’s Most Prominent Woman Empowerment Awards 2019 and she is the receiver of the Swabhimaan Awards by Rotary Benevolence Vocational Awards 2021. Our company was the first real estate company in Kolkata to begin internet marketing bringing buyers from all over the world, with a click of a mouse. is also the Receiver of the Best Innovative Real Estate Consultant and the Best Interior Design Studio Consultant.

Don’t believe in the stereotypes! Carve out your own path, your own destiny. Be Hungry and be Relentless. All a woman needs to think is “I CAN!” Empowerment begins from there. Our Dreams are a reflection of what we love. Chasing anything else is a waste of time and life.

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