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Meet Tanvi, the brain behind the Le 21 Boulanger and Patissier.

Tanvi Nagarkar: "I have been interested in baking since I was five. I started baking and decided to sell my cakes and cookies when I was in 5th grade. Baking was my hobby and I also had that talent of selling things to the majority and convincing people to buy. I have liked selling people since childhood, I used to sell them chocolates and stuff, so this was also one of my hobbies.

I started my bakery when people near me appreciate my talent and motivated me to do so. Since childhood, I knew I was not a job person and I needed to do something of my own. When I decided to start a bakery of my own, my parents were scared that it's not the right age to start, but I had that confidence in myself and they were able to see that in me. With the support of my close ones, family, and friends this journey was possible. After I graduated from Symbiosis school of culinary arts, my business has grown a lot. In spite of all the challenges, I was able to make it. When the pandemic hit it was a difficult job to get customers but we managed it beautifully. We provided our customers with online services. Now I also have a silk saree boutique of my own.

We provide our customer's services like cheesecakes, pizzas, tarts, mini cupcakes, and beverages. It is a very difficult and time taking job to make a cake. But the hard work and time we put along with the love we pour into our cakes is what reaches our customer's hearts and this is how we connect to our customers.

My dream is to be in Forbes 30 before I turn 30. I'm working towards my dreams. And my only suggestion to all people out there is, just follow your heart and believe in yourself. Work hard because without hard work it is impossible to move forward.

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