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Meet Ramalakshmi, Building a SaaS Ecosystem for Entrepreneurs.

Ramalakshmi Suriyanarayanan: I was always told that I would lead a clan when I grew up by my friends and teachers. I was told that I asked too many questions, was too protective of my team, and would stand up for them and put up a fight until I got the answers that would satisfy me. My natural leadership skills led me to start my entrepreneurial venture. I was previously working as a digital marketer but I felt that I was doing too little. I had so much potential, so much knowledge and I was not putting it to use. I came across so many problems that I was qualified to solve and provide answers for. That’s when I decided to leave behind my 9-to-5 job and start up my own venture.

SaaS Mantra is the number 1 place for Entrepreneurs and Marketers to explore new SaaS tools in the market and learn how to best utilize them to grow their businesses. Some days are harder than others, it gets difficult when I have to prove my worth just because I am a woman entrepreneur, I have to go the extra mile to prove that I am just as tough as my competition, if not more. My team and I have been working with several companies across the globe, our goal is to shine as an Indian company, making a name for ourselves.

We are determined to build a community where one company can guide another and grow together. We are building an ecosystem, where our tools can be utilized to progress collectively. Our company helps get SaaS product validation, set roadmaps, narrow down the go-to strategy, acquire users, get feedback, get brand ambassadors & advocates - in simple words a "one-stop shop for everything SaaS".

To know that we are helping build a healthy entrepreneurial society is my personal achievement. It drives me to work harder and better. My journey has taught me that starting something from scratch is always going to be difficult.

Making money will definitely take time and results may seem very far but when they arrive, and they do when you work hard, they are massive and worth all the effort and sleepless years.


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