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Meet Prasanna Risbud, Shaping the Digital Industry!

I am an engineering graduate, digital marketing trainer, and consultant with a focus on one-to-one training for SMEs and professionals.

I am a digital native and a champion of social media tools and technologies, with a track record of creating and implementing successful social media programs.

I am proficient in complete digital marketing training which includes social media posting and designing, animation, database generation, email marketing, website designing, SEO, blog and content writing, and much more.

I started my entrepreneurial journey 15 years back accidentally when I visited my classmate's DTP setup. DTP was booming back then, and I jumped into it without thinking twice. But, of course, it was short-lived as I started getting cut-throat competition and decided to back off. But by then, the internet was booming and I started marketing websites and PPTs. I worked with quite a few agencies and freelancers as a freelance marketer and got many websites and digital content developed.

This went on well for around 10 years. But, then I found a lot of challenges coming my way. Customers started complaining, agencies were not doing work on time, payment issues, and so on. That's when I decided to help my customers do all these things by themselves and started my Digital Training and Consultancy services.

I have gained a good amount of knowledge myself and decided to help my customer DIY their digital requirements. I now train freelancers, small businesses, and corporates too, on digital marketing (basic as well as advanced) and LinkedIn Branding.

I have consulted more than 500 small and medium business clients which include business coaches, trainers, jewelers, dentists, counselors, anchors, builders, and many more.

Here is a glimpse of what I do:

Are people interested in buying products and services which offer discounts, coupons, commissions, etc.?

Yes, but a majority are interested in buying products and services which help in solving their problems and offer them a solution.

So, is your product or service solving a problem?

Do you understand your customer and feel his pain point?

Do you write content that explores solutions to these pain points?

Do you create videos that show how your products and services can help find a solution to their pain points?

Do you take testimonials from your existing customers (preferably video testimonials)?

Do you create eye-catching graphics and use relevant hashtags?

And, most importantly, do you create and post content regularly and maintain a social media calendar?

If the answer to any of the above questions is NO, then you need to get your business audited by a specialist and understand what content you should create.

Visit for more information about my training services. Visit the blog section to view my articles.


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