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Meet Nirav Mehta, Redefining Holidays with T-Cube Holidays.

Nirav Mehta: I was very certain as I child that I will become an entrepreneur when I grow up..the reason was seeing my family business and family friends around who were successful entrepreneurs.

before becoming an entrepreneur I used to work in my friend's office at the age of 18. I wanted to know what and how workers feel or behave under a boss. So I worked in a diamond company for 3 years as an assorter.

the biggest challenge was to either continue my 60 years old family business or to start something of my own. My mind always said to not take risks and continue the age-old family business, and my heart was not in favour of the same. So going against the odds I started my own passionate business.

I started working at the age of 18 in a diamond company in 2006 and graduated from Mumbai university with a bachelor of commerce in the same year 2006 also graduated as a certified diamond merchant from it based in Belgium. In 2007 went to Hong Kong and did real diamond business for 3 months. Returned back as they wanted me to sign a 3-year Chinese contract, came back and joined the family business and expanded exports to 21 countries.

Later in 2013 started a new company Sujay Corp which dealt which military and para-military forces of India..worked with all armed forces, CBI, dry, raw and many other prestigious companies associated with govt of India. In 2017 I travelled to 90% of India and 21 countries worldwide, so I decided to start a new company T-Cube holidays.

It is a passionate business started with the intention to help my friends, family and others by providing the right knowledge at right time. Today T-cube holidays have served 6000 happy customers and still counting.

Ours is a friendly neighbourhood travel company curating customised packages according to the needs and budgets of customers. We always provide all-inclusive rates and der no hidden charges. We cater to domestic and international segments, ticketing, passport visas, car rentals and weekend gateways. People can get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

I always believe in following my heart. Our mind always plays games.



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