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"Meet Nikita Shah - the Founder of Salt In All"

Nikita Shah is the founder of Salt In All, a social media influencer and recipe developer and content creator. Nikita's journey as an entrepreneur began when she saw the opportunity to share her passion for food and cooking with others through her online channel. She has always loved experimenting with ingredients to create unique and easy recipes, and the lockdown provided the perfect opportunity to take this passion further.

Nikita has a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering and is also certified in Diamond Grading and Bread Baking. She has learned a variety of skills from each of these forms of education, including technical, management, and team working skills, attention to detail and precision, and patience and aesthetic awareness. These skills have all influenced her profession and helped her to be successful in her business.

As an entrepreneur, Nikita has faced various challenges, including competition on social media and the volatility of the business. However, she has found ways to overcome these challenges by finding a niche, creating multiple forms of revenue, and staying relevant to her audience.

Nikita sees many perks to being a successful entrepreneur, including the freedom of being her own boss, the satisfaction of starting and being responsible for her own business, and the recognition that comes with it. She also values the flexibility of schedule and work space and the opportunity to inspire and help others through her content.

In the future, Nikita plans to continue building her knowledge about the science of food and is considering taking a course in the field. She is also looking to create a training academy to teach specialized courses focusing on healthier food choices and alternatives.

Nikita has achieved several notable accomplishments in her business, including winning the FBAI Home Chef & Baker Awards 2020, the FBAI Innovative Recipe on Instagram 2022, and having her recipes featured on prominent online channels like Buzzfeed Tasty and The Feed Feed.

To connect with Nikita, people can follow her on Instagram at @saltinall or on YouTube at Saltinall. She is also available for collaborations and partnerships through her website or through Instagram at

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