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Meet Mayank Kumar, Founder of trade in domains.

Mayank Kumar: “I had never planned on becoming an entrepreneur, but now, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else apart from building businesses. I experienced several business failures. I had started a hyper-local online grocery store which cost a huge loss. We were losing to the big competitors but failure never bothered me. I am still working on 2-3 new projects to launch in the hyper-local market.

During my full-time employment with a renewable energy organization, I found numerous hidden skill sets available to me. One of them was digital marketing through which I created business opportunities. It started with small ideas, like the time I purchased 8 to 10 Domains and tried to sell them to other businesses. I expanded my business by including web design development and digital marketing services and offering them to my existing clients.

Trade-In Domains is a result-driven Digital Marketing Agency that provides end-to-end digital marketing solutions at very affordable prices with a very good return on investment (ROI) rate.

You can reach us here at:

When I started meeting business owners, the real challenge was gaining their trust. Being a 25-year old telling older business owners how to run their businesses more effectively was not normal for most people. However, I continued to be humble and showed gratitude while offering my services at one-tenth of the cost initially. Soon, I started gaining the trust of my clients. This felt like one of my biggest achievements. I was also called as a chief guest at a photography event at TMIMT, Moradabad, and also delivered a guest lecture at TMU, Moradabad.”

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