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Meet Juhi Singh, founder of INOKART, A woman entrepreneur who's innovating the lives of People!

Juhi Singh: My parents also wanted me to become a successful doctor. I came to Delhi in October, that's how my journey as a medical student started. I worked with various NGOs during my college first year and served as Delhi coordinator for various national-level NGOs. I have also volunteered with United Nations Volunteers India.

During my college 2nd year I applied for a research internship in one of the company's incubated at FITT-IIT Delhi. During my internship, I experienced that there are so many useful innovative products created in IIT's , NIT's about which people do not know. So we started focusing on all categories we can work on, but yes the idea was the same ''selling innovative products which can improve the everyday lives of people''. After searching and analyzing we found some products in categories: kitchen, cleaning, personal care, and kids. That's how we started InoKart !! InoKart Is India's 1st Innovative Home Utility Brand.

We are the fastest growing brand dealing in innovative home utilities, which make your life easier and better. We are outsourcing manufacturers of innovative daily home utilities, delivering PAN India across +26,000 pin codes. Our office is in Hauz Khas, New Delhi. We deal in both B2B and B2C. We won awards from IIT Delhi and are under mentoring at IIT Bombay and NSRCEL IIM Bangalore.

The most important thing in a start-up is your product and your brand value. Being a medical student and building an e-commerce startup is very contradictory. The biggest challenge I faced was building a dedicated team. Secondly, good mentors are important, we had mentoring sessions with mentors from NSRCEL IIM Bangalore and also E-cell IIT Bombay. Thirdly, sales is also an integral part of a startup. Every business is functional on good revenues.

People can know more about us on our website:

The only suggestion I would like to give is never to start a startup because you always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Start it for the sake of the problem that people are facing and you can offer them a solution to it through your venture.

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