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Meet, Gaurav Ralhan redefining health at Health on Top!

Gaurav Ralhan: When I decided to join my dad's business, after graduation, my dad surprisingly gave me a hefty amount of 15 lakh rupees and asked me to do whatever I feel like. Sudesh Kumar Ralhan my father, was a well-known businessman, back then in 2003.

With the fund, I decided to have a franchisee outlet of BASKIN ROBBINS in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. And to everyone's surprise, Neelam's Baskin Robbins Ice Cream store, opened by me and my father, along with the full support of my sister, Neha Madan, in the name of my mother, Lt. Neelam Ralhan, was a big big hit, making the highest sale of 13 lakhs rupees within 24 hours, on 26th January 2005. We also had a garment outlet of John Player in the year 2006, which was again converted to John Miller in 2010.

I also had a strong inclination toward medical and surgical equipment, which was somewhat related to my family business. And finally, in 2014, Neelam's Medical Supplies came into play.

Life was going well till 2020 when the Pandemic outbreak took place all over the world. And during the pandemic, when doctors were needing PPE KITS in large numbers, we received an order of manufacturing a huge quantity of PPE Kits, just in a week. I along with 200 labor and persistent efforts, manufactured the order exactly in a week. And for this achievement, the team was awarded as Covid Warrior, by the Times Group on 28th March 2021. I owe it all to my loving parents, Mr. Sudesh Kumar Ralhan and Lt. Mrs. Neelam Ralhan.

Recently, I along with my father and my wife, Mrs. Priya Ralhan, as my business partners, started a new venture named Health On Top, registered under Neelam's Lifestyle, on 29th January 2021.

I would like to mention, "Health On Top is not just a business house, it is a movement, started with an intention to bring the people around the country to a platform of a healthy lifestyle".

I am very thankful to my wife, son, Vedant, and to all my co-workers, for their constant support. I would like to especially thank Mr. Mithun Kumar Mohapatra, who has been serving the organization since 2014.

Teamwork is a secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results.

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