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Meet Bhawna Sinha, transforming lives and bringing a positive change!

BHAWANA SINHA: Since I have grown up in male-dominant family and society I had a spark to change it. Where women's education is not given that much importance.  

After graduation in the year of 2008, I started preparing for UPSC exams. However, I changed my mind and after 19 months of preparation of the banking exam I had 4 Bank options to join and I preferred Bank of Baroda in November 2010.


I found my journey very courageous and motivating. I tried to become an ideal Daughter, Sister, as per society's perspective to get my position in my family but failed. 


My biggest challenge all the time was to convince my family that I can get a government job if I pursue my education. I still believe this is the main issue of our middle-class family. Many talented women are sitting in their houses behind a load of so-called family responsibility.


I'm the first girl to be post-graduate in my family BA– 2008, MA– 2011, got a job in PSU Bank in 2010 as Scale one Officer, Got promoted to Scale-II in 2015, and second promotion as Senior Manager, Scale-III in 2018.


During this period, I lost my health and faced many issues. After my second pregnancy, I was diagnosed with facial paralysis in 2018, and I was not able to accept this fact which led me to go into depression. During that period, I read the book Joseph Murphy ``The power of the subconscious mind”, which inspired me. After 9 months of physiotherapy of electrical shock, the doctor advised that it is not needed further and I got the best recovery.


After this incident, it was the mission of my life to help women who are suffering with postpartum depression. For this mission, I read many books on mental strength, and personality development, attended many seminars, and now become a certified Master Trainer through Sneh Academy.


I have my youtube channel as Coachbhawanasinha where I upload videos on mental health and personality development tips. I give one-on-one coaching. As a wellness coach, I motivate, engage, inspire, and provide a sense of purpose and direction. I have a customized plan for different people with their different issues. 


For more details about coaching people can WhatsApp me on 8141338797 or connect at 


I strongly believe in HEALTH IS OUR REAL WEALTH.


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