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Maybe not immediately, but eventually, you’d be there…


Dhruv Thakkar: I grew up in a business family and starting there I always had the urge to Since childhood, has watched my family business and always had an urge to start something of my own. While in 5th Standard, I started selling video cassettes to my society members, having a 10-15% margin. 


While I was preparing for MBA Entrance exam CAT and wanted to get into IIM, I met many people who were already a part of top B-Schools and understood that the colleges are teaching how to be a good employee. Very few had the vision of doing a start-up. Till then, I had started my own Digital Marketing Agency, and it was at this stage that I understood I want to be an entrepreneur, no matter what.


Pursuing my vision, I took admitted to the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India. There I found my other Co-Founders and got the opportunity to be part of a revolutionary idea of building a start-up in the Electric Vehicle Industry. 


 If my life were a car, the steering would be my passion for marketing, and the gear would be my entrepreneurship spirit. At times, every challenge felt like the most significant to me. Managing people is a challenge and a pleasure. I would not say to treat your team members like family but instead friends and members. Being in a start-up, one of the most faced challenges is financial risk, and to overcome it, you need to have the support of your family, friends, and spouse. 

In my first venture, I worked with many clients, MSMEs, MNCs, Startups, and famous industrialists and understood the power of networking. Recently featured in Influential Indianpreneurs to Watch in EV Era 2022, I had an interactive session with Honourable CM of Gujarat Bhupendra Patel Sir regarding EV Infrastructure development in Gujarat and how EVINDIA can help bring transparency. My start-up raised funds from one of the biggest Angel Investor networks in India and was recognized as an Emerging Startup in EV Sector, in 2022 by CRADLE, EDII. 


 To all the efforts I have put in, I always believe that experience helps us grow. Try to learn and gain as much as you can, and don't focus on the monetary gain at the initial level.


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