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Mahima Vachhrajani | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine March 2023

Mahima Vachhrajani is a name that has been making waves in the world of social media influencing. She is a Chartered Accountant and a finance content creator, who shares her knowledge on personal finance, investing, business case studies, tax saving, and making oneself financially independent. Her passion for public speaking and desire to improve the financial literacy in India led her to become an influencer.

Mahima's journey has not been without its challenges and mistakes. In retrospect, she wishes she had started investing at a younger age when she received stipends during her internship. Her belief that small investments would not make a significant difference in her life proved to be a costly mistake. Investing even a portion of her income would have resulted in significant savings. Her second mistake was investing in stocks using "tips" without thorough research, leading to losses. She advises against investing in stocks without in-depth knowledge of the company and sector. Mahima's content creation journey started with a desire to use social media to influence people and spread knowledge. However, execution was a significant hurdle for her. She had creative ideas but lacked the technical expertise in scriptwriting and video editing. Fortunately, she received help from generous friends and took courses in creative writing, learning from competitors, and hiring professionals for video editing.

Mahima believes that marketing is adding fuel to the fire, and businesses with brainy marketing strategies can survive the tough competition in any field. Posting good quality and relevant content is an effective marketing strategy for personal branding. By adding value to the lives of viewers, content creators can build their brand and credibility. Family support played an integral role in Mahima's success.

She believes that budding entrepreneurs/influencers need mental support from their families because this is an upcoming field, and confidence comes from having the backing of loved ones. The influencer industry has a unique revenue model. Organizations whose target audience is the set of people who follow an influencer approach them to become their brand ambassador. This approach makes the best use of social media, and the revenue model can be monetized even by the smallest businessmen who have no money for marketing. It only requires intelligence, knowledge, hard work, and consistency. Mahima advises everyone to invest in themselves, follow their passion, become financially independent, and seek financial education to the extent possible. Her journey shows that pursuing one's dreams can lead to success and fulfillment. Destiny favors the bold.

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