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Ma Anand Sheela | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine May 2022

“Nobody had ever thought that Osho and I can be Separable. But the situation that I was in during my time in Oregon, left me no option but to leave everything and start a new life” Says Sheela.

Ever since the famous Netflix documentary, Wild Wild Country has released, Sheela has again become a Media target. But this time, she was targeted not for what happened in Oregon, but for the social work that she has been doing for over 32 years.

But before we have a glance into her social work, it is important to acknowledge how and why it started.

As seen in Wild Wild Country, Sheela was sentenced to jail for the accusations made by Osho and his people. After serving a few years in jail in Germany, Sheela shifted to Switzerland to start a new life.

“I’ve been fortunate that Bhagwan gave me the opportunity where i could perform as a leader. We literally build a city out of nothing and this experience inspired me to contribute once again and this time, I decided to help the underprivileged” Says Sheela. She Adds “To me, contributing to the society means maintaining a constant feeling of respect and gratefulness”

She has taken several initiatives recently. She has decided to help the cows in India by providing them with a suitable living atmosphere. She wishes to touch as many places as she can and help all the cows suffering from various problems. Another project is to build a house for elderly people living on the streets. And the third one is providing Ration to the ones who are in need.

She wishes to expand and support as many people as she can. Sheela in her interview mentions that she is ready to work with anyone in any sector who wishes to help the ones in need.

In her interview, she also mentions the bond that she shared with Osho. “Osho was a beautiful man and King of my Heart. I am forever grateful to be getting an opportunity to be getting close to him and work for him." Today, Sheela remains a strong personality and her experience has a lot to share. One of her messages is “Be There for one another. If you’re at home, be there for your family, if you’re at work, be there for your colleagues, Be there for anyone who needs you the same way others are there for you. It’s a Give and Take”


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