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Life is all about consistency and persistence…

Varun Chopra: From leaving a stable job at L&T to building a business that is worth $375,000, it has been a rollercoaster ride.Being from a business background, I was certain that I'll get into Business someday, but I wasn't sure about getting into entrepreneurship. The basic difference between a business and entrepreneurship according to me is business deals purely with generating revenue while entrepreneurship is about creating a difference/impact or solving a problem in an innovative way while generating revenue.

I had a stable life while working at L&T, but I wasn't making an impact on anyone's life. Then and only then I realized that corporate is something that is not my cup of tea, and I wanted to create a difference and solve a problem. However, being an Entrepreneur is no joke. My Entrepreneurial journey had several ups and downs. It feels like a whooper journey, but it isn't. It has been the most lonely journey, starting from taking a big risk of leaving my stable job, and then starting something very fresh that doesn't even exist in the market. I invested every bit of my savings into this startup, shifted to a metro city from a small town with legit no funds in my pocket, and worked in cafes as a waiter to fill my plate. 

My biggest challenge in life is to stick to something for a long amount of time, and not get bored with it. I learned to overcome this challenge by pushing and awarding myself with small achievements, and by looking at the bigger goal. In the end, vision is all that matters, that's what drove me till now, and will drive me in the future too. I stand by the quote, “The dream should be to live your dream life”.

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