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Khyati Sahdev | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine March 2023

Khyati Sahdev, a young and talented influencer, has taken the internet by storm with her exceptional dancing skills and creativity. A CA final student, Khyati discovered her passion for dance while studying for her intermediate exams.

She joined Shiamak Davar's Institute and started performing on stage, which ignited her love for the camera. She began posting short dance videos online and quickly gained a following, which led her to explore the world of influencing. Influencing can be a challenging and demanding industry, and Khyati admits that she has faced her fair share of struggles. She reveals that constantly checking her views and likes became an obsession, leading to anxiety when her videos did not perform well. She took a break, spoke to her close ones, and returned with a renewed mindset. She advises others not to invest themselves so deeply in their work that it affects their mental health.

Khyati's businesses are interrelated, with her influencing work promoting her dance studio and vice versa. Marketing is an essential tool for any business, and Khyati collaborates with artists in her niche to reach a wider audience. She acknowledges that figuring out the algorithm can be a significant challenge, but she never compromises on her consistency in posting content. Khyati credits her supportive parents for her success, especially her dad, who encouraged her to start her YouTube channel.

She believes that having a support system is crucial, and talking to her mother about her concerns helps her find solutions to her problems. Khyati's love for dancing is evident in her work, and she believes that following one's heart is the key to happiness. Her dance studio offers classes in various styles, and she rents out space to fellow creators to shoot their content. In conclusion, Khyati's journey is an inspiration to many young people who aspire to pursue their passion. Her success is a testament to the fact that with hard work, dedication, and support, one can achieve anything they set their heart to.

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