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Khushi Chamaria| Never underestimate yourself...

Never underestimate yourself and think that you are less than others, you have your unique powers….

Khushi Chamaria: I am just 21 years old and I have been in digital marketing and business coaching for 5 years. I used to be an average schoolgirl who had no idea about what she was going to do in her life and career.

At this time when I was in my school, all of my friends had decided what they had to do in their careers and life. Most of them went abroad for studies. When I walked up to my Father to tell him that I too want to move abroad, he made it very clear that whatever I wish to do, I must do it here. Thus was my biggest challenge to doing something from home without getting out of my hometown.

I became tense as I had no clue as to what I was going to do now. One day when I was browsing through Youtube, I came across a channel. For the first time, I heard about this term called Digital Marketing. I watched the video and I became more curious to know about this subject.

For the next 4 days, I immersed myself in gathering all the knowledge about Digital Marketing. I learned that it was a very broad topic and that it had many subtopics under it. One such subtopic caught my eye, it was Social Media Marketing. I realized that Social media marketing is actually a very interesting topic and it is also a booming field in the coming years.

I thought that I was already devoting too much of my time to scrolling through social media, so why not try to make good use of it? Then finally, I gave myself 2 years only to observe the field. I never bought any courses or joined any coaching center, all I did was observe what other existing marketers were doing and how I could stand out in the market.

Then I chose my USP which is organic growth, and gradually I started building my community and consulted over 500 students, and worked with some renowned brands as a social media manager coach. My business is all about Social Media Management and business coaching. The main benefit of my brand is authenticity. I have experience in this field, and I feel that from where I stand today, I have all the capabilities to make a brand grow and that too on a purely organic basis.

Recently I was awarded the young social women entrepreneur of the year 2022 by the Indian Icon awards, this was a very proud moment for my parents.

Anyone interested in my business can connect with me on my Instagram or WhatsApp number- 8240929939.


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