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Karishma Malhotra | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine June 2022

"The smartest thing a woman can ever learn is to never need a man." A force to be reckoned with, a maverick, and a stout-hearted woman Ms. Karishma Malhotra is a mother to two kids and a triumphant entrepreneur.

The tower of strength from kids and parents engenders you resolute. With her daughter Zaara becoming an inspiration, her son believing in her more than anybody else, and her mother, her mainstay, and her guiding light, Karishma started her business with barely 1000 rupees.

Her driving force was her love for her daughter, who was born with adorable tresses, but someday she caught lice from other kids while in playschool.

Karishma was displeased that her daughter’s hair had turned abrasive by the dint of the lice eradicating procedure. Karishma then encountered her grandmother's hair-fixing method.

After applying it for a while, she saw improvement in Zaara’s tresses and continued using it on herself and her relatives and realized that it was effective on everyone, even those with sensitive scalps.

She reasoned that perhaps many people deal with common hair problems like dryness, rupture, etc., and so she inaugurated "Kresko" and invited people to try it, and to her surprise, people admired it.

Karishma then shopped for a few bottles, labeled them, and set forth to break the ice with her startup. She posted about it on Facebook and Instagram, and her mother brought in some acquaintances who bought those bottles, and with that capital, Karishma kicked off further. In the beginning, she was loaded with questions like: "What gain are you hoping for by selling oil?" How much capital could you gain in a month by merely selling oil?

Lacking finances, do you think you could initiate a startup? But as decorously quoted by her, "When people are not happy with themselves, they can never be happy for you." It's been two years since then, and now she has patrons across India as well as America relishing Kresko’s products.

Kresko offers a range of sustainably grown skincare and hair items that are additive-free and suitable for children as young as 1.5 years old. It began with hair oil and expanded its product line to include soaps, body washes, creams, and plenty more. Chemical compounds are destroying our skin's original tone. Natural homemade treatments may help the skin appear and breathe healthier. Centuries ago, freshly created items preserved all the ladies' gorgeousness, so why not now? asks Karishma.

She has been faithful to her brand and now empowers women to stay beautiful naturally, inspiring others to achieve greater heights.

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